Fun at FunOutside

I was fortunate to get the position as a summer intern at FunOutside during the summer of 2023, it made the summer one of the best I’ve had. In the beginning, I had the impression that my summer was going to be once again dull as I thought that the internship was going to replace the role of summer school/class like my other summers, but I’m delighted that I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Throughout the internship at FunOutside, I was given the opportunity to work on a variety of activities around the airport. From small tasks such as cleaning the airplane hangars, to actually learning to fly a plane, all of the different tasks have helped me deepen my understanding of the vast field of avionics and flying. I discovered my interest in flying, and I look forward to broadening my understanding every day. One specific activity I especially enjoyed was helping my mentor wash the planes. Though it sounds like a chore that burdens the internship, the task is actually quite satisfying and enjoyable to me with the help of the pressure washer. I felt like a boy who discovered a new toy. While cleaning the airplanes, my mentor Garrett would casually teach us about the various parts of the plane which make the experience educational as well.

Although this internship has brought forth many challenges, I’m grateful that I was able to overcome all of them through the help of our mentors. One big problem I had initially was not knowing what to do because working in an airport-like environment was completely new. But with the help of my mentor, I was able to list out a bunch of things that are within my capabilities, and I’m happy that I was able to bring help to FunOutside in some ways, as they have helped me to ease into the new surroundings.

As a result of the internship, I have made drastic progress on my journey to learn more about aviation, and I couldn’t have done so without the mentors at FunOutside whether it is Garett, Shannon, or the numerous amazing flight instructors. They are always there to help when I’m in need. They’ve also taught me the important lesson that there is no such thing as a “dumb question”, and ask whenever I have any doubts. FunOutside is a place that encourages learning and it has been really beneficial to me, for I had no prior knowledge about planes and flying, but everyone working here is willing to help build up my knowledge from rock bottom. All in all, I have made major leaps in my understanding at FunOutside, and I strongly encourage others interested in flying to have fun at FunOutside as well.