Orange County Flight School

Welcome to Fun Outside Aviation – The Top Rated Orange County flight school in Fullerton, California.  Are you interested in learning how to fly?  Do you want to become a pilot?  If you have ever looked up in the sky, saw a plane go by and thought you’d like to try that yourself, then we are the school for you.  Our flight training school is easy to get to and you’ll find our instructors to be the best in the industry.  Finding the right school is very important to your success as you learn to become a pilot.  That’s why we strive to make sure your experience with us is educational, exciting, safe and, most of all, fun!

You’ll quickly find that we are a no pressure organization.  We’ll help you find out if this is right for you.  And if so, we’ll set a schedule that works at your pace.  Want to take it slow?  No problem!  Want to learn how to fly on an accelerated schedule?  Let’s do it!  We’ll get you started and get you flying over Orange County on your first lesson.  Learning to fly in Orange County can be complex, but we’ll show you how to make your experience enjoyable.  Call today and find out more.

Our flight school is located at Fullerton Airport and offers easy accessibility as well as affordable pricing.

Our fleet of aircraft at Fullerton Airport offers a great location, a variety of options for different budgets and a quality solution to your rental needs.

Take a fun flight to a destination that you have always wanted to view. Contact us to be put in touch with top quality sightseeing operators in the area.

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