Football Gets in the Way of Training

Do you like to watch the NFL?  I do.  I look forward to fall and winter Sundays and even if I’m not invested in a particular game, I will have it on in the background while doing other things.  That is, of course, if I’m not flying.  When I’m training, that tends to take top priority and football goes to the back burner.  However, sometimes football can still get in the way.

If you’re doing a proper preflight, that will include a standard briefing.  In that briefing you’ll learn about the weather for your flight along with lots of other information including temporary flight restrictions.  TFRs are very important because they will tell you where you can’t fly.  Some of the most common TFRs are for firefighting and sporting events.  In Southern California, that includes Dodgers and Angels baseball games as well as Chargers and Rams football games.  Training flights cannot fly over a given stadium below 3000 ft. 

For the “Big Game”, things get much more complicated.  This year, it takes place in Glendale, AZ.  Pilots flying in to Phoenix and Las Vegas are having all kinds of restrictions.  I called ahead to confirm that transient parking was available at North Las Vegas Airport.  I was told that in order to be considered for a possible parking space, I must send an email and wait for a response.  I’m glad I called ahead.

Even when there’s no games going on, checking your TFRs is mandatory.  Get in the habit early and check for every flight, even when you’re just a student pilot and learning to fly.  Develop the habits that the pros have so one day you can be a pro.  But more importantly, create a level of safety and awareness for your flights.  It’s your responsibility as pilot in command.